Around the Next Bend

On any hiking adventure the trail twists and turns its way up the Mountain. What awaits around the next bend is a mystery until the distance is covered and the turn is made. Sometimes, it is just more of the same. Other times…ah yes…other times a panoramic vista opens up and the world stretches awayContinue reading “Around the Next Bend”

Fun Facts About Neanderthals

This is a fun adventure and it is moving forward slowly but surely, Check out our Face Book page, The Original Neanderthal. We are also introducing merchandise as we accumulate it into our inventory. Over the past few weeks, I took some time to research the Neanderthals. Here are several interesting things I gleaned fromContinue reading “Fun Facts About Neanderthals”

Beware the Road to Nowhere

Ah yes, my friends, be very wary of the Road to Nowhere. It can be very alluring. It starts out looking like many another road. Paved with promise, the signage urges one forward. It features nice landscaping with a few pretty flowers, but not a single hint of what awaits. Unfortunately, the Road to NowhereContinue reading “Beware the Road to Nowhere”

It is a Little Like Hiking up a Mountain

You know in advance it is going to be a challenge. Depending on fitness level and terrain and weather conditions, the challenge will be more or less. Like a lot of things in life, the only way to get in trail shape is to go out on the trail and hike. The more frequently aContinue reading “It is a Little Like Hiking up a Mountain”