Around the Next Bend

Boulevard Trail GSMNP

On any hiking adventure the trail twists and turns its way up the Mountain. What awaits around the next bend is a mystery until the distance is covered and the turn is made. Sometimes, it is just more of the same. Other times…ah yes…other times a panoramic vista opens up and the world stretches away into eternity. In that moment all things seem possible.

The journey we are on with The Original Neanderthal has been an adventure so far. I have learned quite a bit. I have discovered strengths and highlighted a few areas in need of improvement. Our survival for the next few years will depend on forces within our influence but outside our control.

I imagine our namesakes faced this daily. Survival for the Neanderthals depended on their ability to adapt to whatever the world threw at them. They were faced with very basic challenges, as basic as food, clothes and shelter. Questions concerning survival arose with each effort made to secure it. How did the hunt go? Was it successful, was there meat? Did everyone who ventured out return? Was everyone OK? Evidence indicates that most Neanderthals suffered traumatic injuries. How did the gathering go? Were the plants they depended on producing this season? How easy was it to preserve their food? How long would it last before they had to gear up and go out again?

Sometimes, as I roll these questions around my head, I realize how blessed I am to live in a comfortable house. I drive to the supermarket and fill my buggy with food. I have plenty to eat. I have leisure time to spend as I wish. I have social interactions that don’t involve staving off starvation or the cold of a winter that will not end in my lifetime.

The survival of The Original Neanderthal will play out over time. What awaits us around the next bend is exciting to anticipate as we close the distance and make the turn. We are going live with our retail site now. A lot of work has gone into preparing it. Family and friends have been critical to getting us this far. Rounding this bend I see the world stretching away into eternity. Right now, at this moment, all things are possible. Help us make it so!

Visit our retail site All photos used for this blog and for the retail site are originals taken on adventures around the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and other great Public lands. Leave us a comment at our email, We are looking forward to what lies ahead.

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