Gaining Traction After Disappointment

Sometimes, well a lot of the time, things do not work out as we would like. Life is as full of disappointment as our heads are full of expectations. How a body weathers disappointment has a lot to do with determining a person’s quality of life. Quality of life has more to do with whatContinue reading “Gaining Traction After Disappointment”

Autumn is Rolling In

The Autumnal Equinox is here, Summer has ended. The days are getting noticeably shorter. There is a coolness to the nights promising an end to the stifling humid summer air. Swimming pools have closed, school buses are rolling and the rhythm of daily life is settling in. With every seasonal change a sense of anticipationContinue reading “Autumn is Rolling In”

An Introvert Pretending to be Extroverted, Vending at Festivals.

Stepping outside one’s comfort zone is never easy. The higher the motivation and greater the passion for the thing that drives one to expand one’s horizons; the easier it is to take that step into the unknown. Stepping into the unknown is a venture that inevitably leads to personal growth. Growth can sprout from obstaclesContinue reading “An Introvert Pretending to be Extroverted, Vending at Festivals.”

Every Day is Another Chance

Every day is another chance. Our stories are being written, until that day we fail to rise, we have a chance to make a difference, to influence things for the better, to learn something new, to make mistakes, to correct our path, to entertain a grand new vision or accept what is laid out beforeContinue reading “Every Day is Another Chance”