Plans for the New Year

Here it is 2022. Hello! I ate at a local Chinese place and when I cracked open my fortune cookie I was happy. My present plans will be successful. Yay!!! Now…just what are my present plans? I rolled this around my head a few times and it bounced off a few things and ended upContinue reading “Plans for the New Year”

Meet the New Year, Same as the Old Year…or is it?

Life continues, day follows day and we sleep and we wake and we go about our life doing the things we do. Lately, it seems like just accomplishing the simple things in life has gotten complicated. We have been living under the fear of a pandemic that seems to have no ending for going onContinue reading “Meet the New Year, Same as the Old Year…or is it?”

In the Spirit of the Long Hunters

In the mid 1700’s this area I call home was wilderness. It was a fertile, wooded hunting grounds for indigenous peoples. Restless, adventurous men seeking hunting grounds made their way down the Holston River. Rivers were the thoroughfares of the day. One of these men was Elisha, or Elijah Wallen. Elisha Wallen is 7 orContinue reading “In the Spirit of the Long Hunters”