Live Free

Charlies Bunion GSMNP

To live free is an opportunity and a privilege. At The Original Neanderthal we encourage everyone to explore what it means to live free as we celebrate this holiday.

Our forefathers came to this land in search of the freedom to worship the creator as they saw fit. They escaped a repressive society to establish a community where they could freely express their religious views.

Our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence asserting the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They sought to establish a government that ruled by the consent of the governed not by power over the people.

In both of these contexts, the idea of freedom led to radical changes. And in both these contexts the idea of freedom existed within the constraints of moral and ethical Boundaries.

We have many freedoms in this country not enjoyed elsewhere. We are free to choose our path forward, we can get an education and apply our abilities and energies towards personal growth and excellence. We have freedom of speech. We can share knowledge, debate, disagree, and be OK with that.

And yet, some how the idea of freedom has morphed into ‘I am a free person. I can do whatever I want. I am not bound by any constraints.’ In this context society trends towards anarchy and chaos as there are no moral or ethical boundaries to keep us from indulging our most selfish hedonistic proclivities.

On this Independence Day let us come together, clear the debris off the common ground, and encourage one another towards excellence. We are by nature social animals. We cannot grow, innovate or excel without one another. We have the opportunity to choose our path forward. The future will be determined by the choices we make during this trying time. Will we choose resilience? Or will this great nation become a footnote in history?

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