It’s Launch Time!

Hello! It is time, launch time! This is a soft launch to be sure, but it is our first effort to get our concept out there sharing it with as wide an audience as possible!

We can’t do this on our own. We would like to invite you, our family, friends and those discovering us on line for the first time, to share our Face Book Page. Read our blog, share our story.

The Original Neanderthal LLC is an effort on our part to take something that was intended as a denigration and turn it on its heel. We want to take something meant as an insult and make it into something fun and positive.

As human beings we have an immense capacity to determine our state of mind. We do not have to accept the intentions of others as we make our way through the days and nights of our lives. This journey of ours has many twists and turns and we often decide which direction to take.

We would like to invite you along with us. We have tee shirts with our company logo on them in many different colors, we have magnets, stickers, keychains and vinyl all weather decals for your ride. More than that we have big plans. Follow us on our journey, grab some merchandise and support us. Then let us know when and where you spot our favorite Neanderthal and what he is getting into!

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