Plans for the New Year

Fortune cookie

Here it is 2022. Hello! I ate at a local Chinese place and when I cracked open my fortune cookie I was happy. My present plans will be successful. Yay!!! Now…just what are my present plans?

I rolled this around my head a few times and it bounced off a few things and ended up in this nether region unaffixed to any particular outcome. Plans take, well…some planning. And I have always been a bit averse to well-laid plans. I am more of a let’s get through the day kind of person. Unfortunately, this has caused me to end up in a few places I never expected nor wanted to end up. We need a purpose to give us direction or else we drift and end up where-ever. Having been where-ever a few times, I really do not want this venture to end up there.

With The Original Neanderthal, I have been sitting down with my family and we have been laying out plans…what we want to accomplish, where we want this thing to go, how we want to connect with the world in general and at times I feel overwhelmed. I have so many great ideas…and we have so many things we want to accomplish. The pacing is of a necessity slow as we try to lay a solid groundwork from which we can go forward. Connecting with community, the local community and the community at large, those who are interested in what we are doing, is our current objective. We are reaching out on various Social Media platforms and our FB page is growing steadily. We are encouraged by the support and interest.

The Neanderthals also had to be master planners, their very survival depended on them planning a successful hunt. The coordination, and communication necessary to accomplish a kill with as little injury to the participants as possible was impressive. One miscommunication, one misstep and many would go hungry and some would die. Luckily, we are not so vulnerable to mistakes in this venture. This is a good thing, because we are still on the steeper side of the learning curve.

To be able to have a successful plan one must have some idea what success would look like when it arrives. Some of my plans haven’t been too clear on that. We are still throwing the end game for this year back and forth as we brainstorm and lay out a direction. There are many variables that will play into our success also, some are under our control and some are not.

What does success look like to you? Is it something you think about? Goals are nice, but the goal may be so nebulous that the more important thing is to have a path forward, a process that will gain you net positive results. We are focusing on this now, doing things that will set us in the right direction. Growth will occur because of the actions we take, the process we use and that growth will lead us towards success.

For now, I believe that success will be having a positive influence in a world so filled with negativity. Success will be establishing a brand that folks will appreciate because it made them smile or made them think. Success will be increasing our presence in the market place. And success will take a while in getting here, but I firmly believe it will be ours!

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