Narrowing the Focus

It is all well and good to get everything to the starting line and prepare to begin in earnest. We have established our LLC, we have a name and all the assorted sundry registrations and licenses to go with it. We have struggled down the dark canal and have entered a brave new world whereContinue reading “Narrowing the Focus”

On Starting a Business for the First Time

This is unfolding to be an interesting adventure. It all started with an idea, which I touched on in the last blog. I floated around the concept. It caught people‚Äôs imagination and led to some good conversations. As the idea started gaining some positive momentum, I began to believe it might have legs if itContinue reading “On Starting a Business for the First Time”

Welcome to The Original Neanderthal Blog

Hello, I am Theresa. Welcome to my new blog where I am going to explore topics related to the new business venture I am embarking on with Savanna, The Original Neanderthal LLC. Where did this idea originate? Well, I was chatting with co-workers and friends about current events and the political climate and the realityContinue reading “Welcome to The Original Neanderthal Blog”