Trademarking the Image

With the assistance of a talented graphic artist, we now have a novel silhouette of a striding Neanderthal man with a spear in his hand. We applied for a trademark with, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and our application is in the process of being reviewed. This, like every thing else is going to take some time. And this like everything else has a cost associated with it. The government likes its little piece of your pie.

With all the political chatter of Neanderthals and Neanderthal thinking, our distant cohabitant of Mother Earth is receiving some notoriety.

Some of the notoriety is positive as Science uncovers more evidence giving a clearer picture of these ancient denizens. They appear to have been more like us than not. I am intrigued by the mystery of who they were and how they lived and what became of them. Why did they die out and Homo sapiens become transcendent?

I imagine Neanderthals had to be cunning, fierce, and a determined lot to survive the climate and times. They surely had to cooperate as evidence suggests they hunted in coordinated groups to kill what to us are Beasts of Legend. With sheer determination and rudimentary weapons they brought down these creatures. Evidence also suggests they cared for their ill and injured and had some kind of belief system that led to burying their dead with ceremony. They lived in a harsh, polarized climate as the ice age ruled the land.

We live in a very polarized environment. Language has become a weapon, and even when we are saying the same words to one another, we may not be defining those words the same way. Communication has become a terrain full of land mines. For this little venture, we see the Neanderthal as an embodiment of surviving an adverse environment. Adversity can lead to opportunity if we do not let it roll over us. We cannot control what happens around us, but we can control our actions and reactions. We want to introduce something positive and encourage people. There is potential and even magic in this world. From the wilderness in our public lands, to the relationships we develop with others, the potential for great things exists. With determination and care we can navigate these times and survive. With a little skill and cunning we can even thrive. Stay tuned.

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