Welcome to The Original Neanderthal Blog

Hello, I am Theresa. Welcome to my new blog where I am going to explore topics related to the new business venture I am embarking on with Savanna, The Original Neanderthal LLC.

Where did this idea originate?

Well, I was chatting with co-workers and friends about current events and the political climate and the reality we deal with on a daily basis. It was around the time that Texas and Mississippi lifted their mask mandates, ended their statewide lockdowns and encouraged their citizens to try and get on with life.

Our president stood on national TV and urged the country to avoid Neanderthal thinking. This stuck in my head and I began to ponder just what is Neanderthal thinking? I know that popular culture would have us believe that Neanderthal thinking is not based on rational evaluation of evidence prior to decision making about complex issues. Neanderthals are portrayed as brutish, animalistic, stupid and crude. So, apparently any desire to go against the Narrative surrounding current events is seen as foolish, risky and above all uncaring of our fellow citizens. The Characterization of people who disagree as Neanderthal like is an insult.

There is a lot of negativity in our world today. I admit I read my share of Doom Porn. Chicken Little would be proud. The sky is falling. Life as we know it is staggering on its last lap around the track. But is it?

Just who were the Neanderthals and how did they survive 160,000 years on an unforgiving planet in an unforgiving environment? Is Neanderthal thinking perhaps something we should embrace as we hurtle towards the dire future portrayed for us by the sellers of dystopia? Shouldn’t we want to be tough, adaptable, imaginative, and able to construct and use advanced tools to help us survive, even thrive, on an unforgiving planet in an unforgiving environment?

No one knows exactly why a people who survived as long as the Neanderthal finally died out. Are we on a collision course with extinction ourselves? Are we indeed at a tipping point where the whole structure that has supported our culture is about to crash around us?

This chapter in our collective lives is being written daily. Who is the author? I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to write my own character’s dialog.

Join Savanna and I as we begin this journey. Let’s see what we can make of this!

11 thoughts on “Welcome to The Original Neanderthal Blog

  1. Very well said! I’m glad, no proud to be the first to buy your shirt! Can’t wait to watch you and your company grow!


  2. Glad I found Y’all ! Need more Neanderthals ! And take back our country! By the way Daniel Boone was & is a big part of why I am whom I am and come from a long line of long hunters !

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    1. It is always good to connect with like minded folks. Our family history goes back to Elisha Wallen, the Longhunter and many a tale has been told at Wallen Family reunions about the exploits of Elisha Wallen. It is a heritage we embrace!


  3. Disagree one point only. Based on my genetic ancestry testing we Neanderthals didn’t die out we adapted by interbreeding. My wife said I was one over 45 years ago when she decided I was husband material. Turned out she was right.

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