Narrowing the Focus

It is all well and good to get everything to the starting line and prepare to begin in earnest. We have established our LLC, we have a name and all the assorted sundry registrations and licenses to go with it. We have struggled down the dark canal and have entered a brave new world where everything is waiting and nothing is quite what we expected it to be.

Standing here at the beginning, proprietary logo in hand and tons of ideas spinning in a giant vortex all around me, it seems too big, too complicated, too much. There is a bit of a disconnect between all my ideas and the time and resources to make them real, a disconnect between what I would like to do and what I can do. To have made it this far leaves me feeling in awe and anxious. To think about taking the next step and the next step and the next step leaves me wanting to crawl in the bed and cover my head with my blankie.

Alas, I believe in what we are doing and it is never far from my mind. Ideas randomly pop up and some are good, some are great, and some…well…some need a little more work. I record them, I study on them, and organize them and then reorganize them and the concept keeps growing, my resources and time not so much.

Part of the process of launching a new venture is to narrow the focus to something manageable within limited resource allocation and time. Left to my own devices, I would be spinning off in so many different directions that nothing would ever come of it before I exhausted my resources and used up all my time.

Luckily, for The Original Neanderthal LLC, Savanna has her hands firmly on the brakes. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “Yeah…that sounds great…awesome idea…but…” Sigh…

Narrowing the focus, introducing the Brand, getting our story out there to you, letting it take root, this will take time. Ahhh, patience, here we go for another dance. I have heard it said “Be careful what you pray for, because God answers prayers.” If you pray for patience then be ready to get plenty of opportunities to cultivate this little fruit of the Spirit. Remember too that nothing grows without adversity. Nothing matures without testing.

To begin, we had to take a long list of slogans, which we want to pair with our Logo, and narrow it down to a workable number and we had to chose a few pieces of merchandise to adorn with the Logo and slogans. I read somewhere that no matter what you think your business is, it is ultimately the customer who will decide. With this in mind, we devised an unscientific survey where we took our list to family and friends and asked them which slogans appealed to them the most. I was encouraged when most of the slogans got a vote or two. In the end the 3 slogans with the most votes were chosen and paired with the logo along with the name of the company. We have 4 designs we are working with now.

The website is coming along and we have several prototypes for product. As we get closer and closer to launch day we hope you will continue on the journey with us. It is exciting to see an idea move from the ethereal space in my head to something I can hold in my hand. Launch day is not far off. Even though it feels like we are creeping along, things are happening! Good things! See ya soon!

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