Gratitude 2022

Everyday when we engage the world around us, our attitude has more influence over how we fare than almost any other variable. There are instances throughout the day we make unconscious decisions about our circumstances that cause us to veer off the track we would prefer. Life is not simple. Things are not black and white. We press forward on autopilot and often end up nowhere close to where we want to be.

On top of that our world seems to be geared towards maximum stress. Some stress is beneficial. Stress pushes us to perform. There is an optimal level of stress where we actually perform our best. Too little stress and we aren’t moved. Too much stress and we freak out and can’t function well. Our world right now seems to be pushing us towards that place where we will struggle to perform.

When everything seems to be going wrong and no matter how hard we try we just can’t seem to get it under control, what can we do? How can we reset when circumstances are beyond our control? How can we get ourselves to a place where we can still our thundering hearts and ease our worried minds?

Looking outside ourselves for a magical or medicinal cure, sends many down a pharmaceutical pathway that may not ever address or correct the path. Taking ownership of our emotions and asserting our dominion over the thoughts that plague us is not easy, but it is doable. Many of us live as though we have no control over the one thing we can control, our minds. Our thought life can make or break us. When I learned that just because a thought popped into my head I didn’t have to entertain it, I took a big step towards freedom from a self inflicted bondage I hadn’t realized I held the key to.

One of the first steps to reigning in our thoughts and emotions is deciding that no matter how we ‘feel’, we are going to find something to be grateful for. Gratitude is a game changer. Instead of embracing the negativity and looking at all the things we do not have, why not take a deep breath and consider what there is to be grateful for.

Everyone’s list is going to be different. Each of us values things a bit differently. But everyone reading this is breathing. Everyone reading this can see. Look around and start claiming the good things for yourself. Lift up your head and turn your back on what is holding you up. Make a list of all that is good. What makes you smile? What gives you comfort? Who do you get to share your time with? Who can you uplift with a word or a deed? What do you have to be grateful for?

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