Lost in the Mundane

Life rolls on hour by hour, day by day in a mostly ordinary way. Looking out my windshield at the world, I wonder where we are all going in such a hurry. Life seems so frenetically paced anymore and our purpose oblique. We get up and get busy. We need to do this and we have to get that done, and there’s just not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Looking at my day’s I am struck by their ordinariness. Pay the bills, get to work, clean the house, feed the dogs, etc… as I move through the hours I tend to get lost in the mundane. My greater purpose is suborned to a relentless pressure to bounce from one task to the next. So many little things to do, so many tasks to get done, I feel the stress as I measure my success by what I complete. So often, I do not meet my expectations of myself. Maybe it is time to pause and reevaluate what is actually important.

There was a day, back in the day, when I was going to be somebody, I was going to do great and wonderful things…and then I met reality and began to live the life I have been given in the little corner of the world where I settled. The days pass and sometimes I look up and wonder what happened to that idealist? What became of that purposeful young person? And in this great and wonderful world we share, just what is a purpose for one such as I?

How many of us are lost in the mundane, rising and falling with no greater purpose and than to get through another day? The lives of the Neanderthal were purposed on survival. Food, shelter, basic necessities drove them from day to day; however, our lives have been blessed with the basic necessities leaving us time to pursue other things to fulfill our purpose. We all need a purpose. What are we pursuing? What is important enough to get our attention and lift us from the morass? What lights a fire in the heart and drives one forward with passion and purpose? Is it enough to wake and get through another day?

We get to define success these days. In a world circling relative truth what value can we we ascribe to our notion of success?When I become lost in the mundane, I force myself to stop and look around me. I have a comfortable home, pets I love, successful sons, a good spouse to share the days with. I have family, friends, a decent job. I read, write, listen to audio, adventure some in the great outdoors. I have things I look forward to and things I do not. I try to be a positive influence in my little corner of the world. Perhaps, that is enough…what do you think?


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