Building a Foundation

Near Mt Leconte Lodge GSMNP

Building a foundation is tedious, exacting work that will only be seen indirectly. The quality of the structure sitting on the foundation will directly reflect the quality of the foundation. When I looked up the steps to build a foundation, I knew at once I was not the person a body would want on this part of project planning for a structure one would want to stand the test of time. The necessary skill sets to lay out the foundation, calculate the exacting measurements needed to make everything align and fit just right, along with knowledge of the geology of the area where the building is to be set is a specialized skill set. If the foundation is not perfect, it will affect the stability and longevity of the building that is set on it. You definitely do not want a person who cannot draw a straight line with a ruler and has depth perception issues on this job.

We are currently laying the foundation for The Original Neanderthal. I am finding it to be challenging. The longevity of this venture will rest upon what we are doing to lay this foundation. It is not like a building, in that it has some fluidity in its conception. Our foundation will set when we are comfortable with how we define what we are doing. Our vision is limited by our uncertainty. These are uncertain times. Over the last few months, I have been getting a feel for where I want to go with this. I know that I do not like everything our culture is experimenting with. The loss of values and the shutting up of dissenting voices bothers me greatly. We did not become what we are today by doing what we are doing today.

The foundation that our nation’s founders set for us is solid and I believe it will stand the test of time. Out on my hiking adventures, I have come across many foundations left behind after the buildings that stood upon them were consumed by the elements or destroyed by design. Just because we have a solid foundation does not mean we are guaranteed to withstand environmental upheavals or outright destruction of what is in favor of what some think will be better. My husband’s parents lived in a house built in the late 1800’s. Sometime in the last 20 years, it slipped off it’s foundation and became uninhabitable. In that analogy, I see our nation slipping off its foundations. What can we do to shore it up, to prevent it from becoming uninhabitable?

I believe that the core of this nation and its people are decent, hard working, freedom loving, independent thinking, creative, folks who have been living their lives, doing the best they can to uphold the American ideal. Somehow when we weren’t paying attention something happened and now everything we thought we were upholding is in danger of slipping off its foundation. Folks, its not gone yet…somehow we have got to figure out how to hang on and change the direction we are headed. That ingenuity and independent creativity is what we are famous for. Let’s put it to work.

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