Be Legendary

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In the days of the ice ages, when Neanderthal roamed Eurasia, survival depended on extraordinary effort. When survival is at stake, extraordinary effort is not so extraordinary, it is just what one does to survive.

Imagine for just a moment what it was like to gather with a few small groups of hunters trying to secure meat and furs for the families depending on those things for survival. Coordinating the group hunt, determining each individuals role prior to tracking and engaging the prey, then setting out with spears in hand to secure the immediate needs of those depending on you for their next meal. Knowing as you set out after that Woolly Mammoth, or Woolly Rhinoceros that it was them or you, one of you was not going to survive the encounter. And if you failed, it was not only you but those depending on you who would suffer.

Evidence from excavations shows many Neanderthal fossils with traumatic injuries. The individual healed up and then suffered injuries again. There is evidence of broken and healed bones, evidence of trauma from the repetitive motion of throwing a projectile weapon, and evidence of medicinal and trauma care that is being uncovered and examined and written about in scientific journals.

To live under such extreme and harsh conditions made one go to great lengths to survive. To thrive, one had to Be Legendary.

When determining logos and slogans to pair with our little guy, we seek to touch a nerve. To be original when the world wants conformity, to Live Free when the world wants to lock you down and tell you what you can and cannot do, and to Be Legendary when the world would prefer you to be mundane and mediocre. Go along to get along, hey, and someday we will all go back to normal.

It is a challenge to seek excellence when no one really wants to celebrate achievement. To be legendary it is not necessary to be famous. It is merely a call to be something extraordinary. To reach deep within and challenge oneself to go beyond mere expectations and give above and beyond. Be Legendary in your community. Be that person with that little something extra that causes others to stop and take notice. Be a positive force in this oh so negative world. Be a maker, a doer of good deeds, a challenger of the status quo. Be courageous and defy the narrative that promises safety while delivering destruction. Be the person you were created to be! Be Legendary!

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