Be Still

Life can get terribly crazy at times. Over the last couple of years it has totally gone off the rails for many of us. Some have faced devastating changes to their circumstances and others have made choices to change the direction of their lives. Still others have been faced with unexpected challenges amongst the greatest challenge to face us in all the years of my short life. In my case, I was considered an essential worker and my work schedule never changed, my ‘routine’ never wavered around my employment. I am one of those who changed the direction of my life outside my job responsibilities. I started a small business. When I look at it in hind site I can see how contradictory that decision was in the face of all that was transpiring around me. I have been accused more than once of being contrary. Some of my loved ones considering it extremely exasperating, I consider it one of my finer points.

No matter how I consider my choices of the last year or so, the consequences of those decisions in my life have been considerable. The effort and energy and financial investment in my little LLC has been significant. My days off from my ‘regular’ job are dedicated now to building up our LLC. My partner is the best, but she has many irons in many fires and keeping things moving in a positive direction can feel like a tremendous burden, one gladly taken on but heavy at times. The support of my daughter-in-law has been tremendous as well and my sons pitch in when needed. It seems like there is always something that needs to be done. And frankly, sometimes I feel overwhelmed and tired.

We have been going to local vendor shows for a few months now, getting our brand out in the public eye. Due to scheduling limitations I can only do a couple of weekend shows a month, and my short weekend when I am coming off my graveyard rotation is especially difficult as I try to get my body turned around to go in on day shift and put in the physical, mental and emotional energy needed to be a successful vendor. I enjoy meeting the public and when people get The Original Neanderthal it is really exciting for me. However, we are new, so brand recognition is not something we have yet. We are building and excited about the possibilities going forward, but the day to day trudge through this venture has its ups and downs.

I was sitting at one of the early vendor shows and feeling the effects of little sleep and disappointment as folks glanced at us and kept walking. I wondered what I was doing there, and what I thought I was accomplishing. Despair peeked in the door to my soul. I didn’t like the feel of that and I pushed back and in that moment that soft voice spoke to me from within that door to my soul. It whispered those epic words…”Be Still!”

I am a trifold being. I am physical, I am mental and I am a spiritual being. I have a relationship with my creator. I am not on this crazy life journey alone. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment I forget this. In that moment I remembered. What is it to be still in the midst of all this movement? What is it to calm the inner being and find peace while the world swirls around you in chaos?

We can all take a deep breath and turn our backs on despair. It may haunt our footfalls but know that whatever comes of it, we do not have to be broken. The beauty of personal responsibility and choice is that whenever we feel overwhelmed by all that we are trying to accomplish we do not have to wait for that still soft voice…we can stop. We can take a moment and just Be Still. We can speak positive affirmations to push back the darkness. It is is all going to be OK. It is all going to be what it is going to be and if we continue to put positive energy into our lives, we will reap the benefits of that energy.

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