Live in the Day

It is so very easy to get caught up in the noise of modern day life. The Information Age is living up to its moniker. We are being bombarded with so much information. Much of the information coming our way is contradictory and polarizing. Shades of grey have faded and the world is being presented as an either/or. This black and white or red and blue view of a complex world is boxing people in. The whole ‘if you are not with us then you are against us’ mindset is being presented to us relentlessly for our consumption.

Nothing is that simple. There are layers within layers making up the everyday circumstances of our lives. It is very concerning that this complexity is not being taken into consideration as we make our way forward. The harbingers of fear scream at us. The cacophony of sound is inescapable. Do this or else! And this is a moving target. We are being herded towards a very bleak future. The Pandemic is never ending! Global Climate Change is going to harm millions. The world is not going to be fit for habitation. There are too many people for the Earth to sustain. Our energy supplies are finite. We are doomed!!!

Step back, my friends, and hit pause here. We do not live in the future. We live in the day. We inhabit the moment. No matter the predictions, we really cannot know the future. By the time we get there it will be the now.

So here we are in the day and in reality it is all we have. There are no guarantees of the future. There are no predictions that have been hardwired into the fabric of the universe. After all, who knew 2 years ago where we would find ourselves today?

Today, right now, is the only time within your purview. It is the only time over which you have any definitive influence. So, how are you spending it? Is it wise to waste such precious time worrying? Fear will not make things better. What is within your influence? And the big question is; what can you do to make it better, not only for yourself, but for others?

Step back from the edge of hysteria and look around you. Stop staring towards the darkness the harbingers of doom are trying to sell you. The sun rose. You rose. You inhaled and you exhaled. It is that simple. Life is precious and you own yours and it is yours to expend wherever and however you choose on this day. Seek joy. I promise you it is all around you. It is all about perspective.

The smile of a child, the warmth of the autumn sun, nature’s glory as the seasons change, a good book, the company of good friends, good music, laughter among companions, there are so many positive alternatives to what we are being fed by media. Become an advocate for alternatives. Speak words of encouragement. Gently steer folks towards excellence. Step out of the shadows and Live free. Be original, be you, defy the peddlers of doom. Don’t limit yourself to the expectations of others, Be Legendary.

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